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Your Future
Are you ready to explore your future in poultry science? If you answered yes, then we are here for you! This site has been created to provide information on career opportunities in the poultry industry and to help you learn more about how you can pursue your future in a dynamic, ever-changing, technologically advanced industry with tremendous job opportunities for college-trained young people. So sit back and enjoy this window into your future!


Picture It
What goes through your mind when someone mentions the word "poultry?" Maybe you think of a small flock of chickens scratching in a backyard, someone collecting eggs by hand, or even Foghorn Leghorn. The poultry industry, however, is much more than that!

Today’s poultry industry is a large scale and highly advanced entity with numerous job opportunities for well trained and motivated young men and women who wish to achieve a high level of career advancement. Can you visualize yourself as a broiler processing plant manager, a flock service technician, a quality control manager, a feedmill manager, a hatchery manager, a poultry veterinarian, a nutritionist, an agricultural engineer, a geneticist, or a marketing specialist?

Guess what...these are just a small handful of positions available for college educated individuals with a desire to specialize in poultry science. Can you see your future in poultry? Just take a’s waiting for YOU! CLICK HERE to download our brochure.



Upcoming Events
2017 PSA Annual Meeting
Orlando World Center Marriott
Orlando, Florida
July 17–20, 2017

University of Arkansas
National Poultry Judging Contest

US Poultry & Egg Association
U.S. Poultry & Egg Association National Poultry Judging Contest